Mt Baker Vapor “Flavor of the week” (Shortfill + Nic. Shots)

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Arctic Orange

“Mt Baker Vapor undertook an expedition into the polar realms and discovered the elusive Arctic Orange. When this frigid orange flavoured vape hits your taste buds, you will know right away that you have arrived in flavour country.”

Custom Shortfills are mixed according to your preferences. The bottle is delivered partially filled with varying numbers of nic. shots depending on your selected nicotine strength. E.g. when ordering 200ml 3mg, the bottle is delivered with 170ml + 3x10ml nic shots (20mg) to fill up the bottle with, which gives the 200ml 3mg (the amount of flavor concentrate is the same regardless of the choice of nicotine strength).

Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly after pouring in the nic shots.

Some combinations with high nicotine strength, high VG & extra flavor is not available. Test different combinations to find the best one for you.

Mt Baker Vapor