Turkish ‘Robust Tobacco’ by Halo (50ml Zero Nicotine MTL Shortfill)

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“You don’t have to travel to the coast of the Black Sea to experience the lavish, mellow, sun-cured tobacco flavors of Turkish Tobacco. Both rich in history and taste, this e-liquid is the perfect choice for those seeking a mild but satisfying e-liquid.”


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Deal Range Discount
Various shortfills * 3 - 5 10%
Various shortfills * 6 - 20 15%
* mix freely from our entire assortment of regular Shortfills and MTL-Shortfills!


VG: 50 %
E-liquid: 50 ml
Bottle volume: 100 ml

Shortfills is somewhat concentrated e-liquid delivered in not completely filled bottles with space for adding one or more nic shots.

In the table below you see what nicotine strength you get by adding nic shots to your Turkish ‘Robust Tobacco’.

Nic Shot 10ml Nicotine strength Total amount
5 x 20mg/ml 10 mg/ml 100 ml
5 x 18mg/ml 9 mg/ml 100 ml
4 x 20mg/ml 8,9 mg/ml 90 ml
4 x 18mg/ml 8 mg/ml 90 ml
3 x 20mg/ml 7,5 mg/ml 80 ml
3 x 18mg/ml 6,8 mg/ml 80 ml
2 x 20mg/ml 5,7 mg/ml 70 ml
2 x 18mg/ml 5,1 mg/ml 70 ml

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